Liebe Wildpark-Freunde, wir bereiten uns mit umfangreichen Hygienekonzepten auf eine, eventuell kurzfristige, Wiedereröffnung vor. Aktuelle Informationen rund um die Wiedereröffnung des Wildparks erhaltet Ihr auf unserer Webseite und über unsere Social Media Kanäle. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt, Euch hoffentlich zeitnah wieder hier im Wildpark Lüneburger Heide begrüßen zu dürfen und danken für Eure Geduld, Eure Unterstützung und die zahlreichen Nachrichten, die uns täglich erreichen! Bleibt alle gesund, Euer Wildpark-Team

Wildpark Lüneburger Heide

Ever since it’s founding almost 40 years ago Wildpark Lüneburg has been special. The deer enclosure was only a part of the pre-existing biodiversity in the park. The founder, Georg-Friedrich von Krogh, had the vision to be different and to clearly stand-out from the competition.

For about 30 years there have been elk, huge Kodiak bears and European brown bears in the Wildpark Lüneburger Heide. As time passed Wildpark Lüneburger Heide grew from it’s origins to become an international standard zoological garden. The extremely rare species find enough space to live here and educate visitors about their cousins in the wild. This is why the residents of Lüneburger Heide, Hamburg and surroundings love this park especially. Many of today’s visitors were here already as children.

In 1989 the founder retired and handed over control of the company . The Tietz family have explored new horizons with the help of fine-tuned concepts and special animal species. The transfer of knowledge has gained in importance through the Zoo School, the birds of prey demonstration, the snow leopard annex and numerous other events. This is a trend that we will continue.

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