Fascination Wolf

As seen in the title “Fascination Wolf”, interested people can learn more about the ancestors of dogs at the wolfs enclosure. With this demonstrative lecture directly at the wolfs enclosure you can get drawn into the world of the wolfs by Tanja Askani, keeper of the wolfs.

Two of our three wolf packs play a role in this lecture; the gray (European) wolves and the artic wolves. Tanja Askani tells of the breeding of the wolves, their pack life and the adventures they have lived through.

Gray wolves were extinct in Germany until a few years ago due to severe hunting. Only in the last few years have gray wolves been seen again in Germany. Since then packs have been founded and offspring of the animals has been documented.

Artic wolves are one of the few wolf species that are not threatened by humans. They live so far north that people only seldom stray into their habitat. Even the natives, the Inuits, live further south.

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