Breeding season in the wildlife park falconry

First hatchlings hatched – rescue station feeds eagle owl and long-eared owl

In the falconry in the game park Lüneburg Heath in Hanstedt-Nindorf the breeding season is in full swing. The first offspring – five cute owls, two of whom have already been handed over to other parks – have been accompanied by wild animals. A long-eared owl and a eagle owl had fallen out of the nest in the surrounding woods. Walkers had found the animals and turned to falconer Michael Kirchner. “Some types of owls, such as the eagle owl and the long-eared owl, use foreign, abandoned nests to raise their offspring,” explains Kirchner. “Usually we try to put the animals back when they have fallen out of the nest. We were not successful with the stranded long-eared owl – unfortunately the nest was unreachable for us. “The eagle owl that fell from the nest, on the other hand, had injured himself on his fall to the forest floor. The skin on the stomach was torn open. “Resetting the animal was not an option,” says Kirchner. “Our veterinarian sewed the wound with several stitches and since then we rear the small eagle owl in our bird of prey sanctuary.” Here the animals under human custody now learn to fly and hunt, so that they can later, as soon as they are strong enough again can be reintroduced and are viable in the wild.

Kirchner and his colleagues Elke Siebert and Lukas Feyen have their hands full during the breeding season. You must always keep an eye on the brooding adults, because in the next few weeks, the falconers expect more offspring in various species of owls and some birds of prey. It is important to keep the birds fit for the daily shows with regular flight trainings. In the course of the season, in addition, some new species will enrich the program and groups of several birds will be trained for joint flying.

The bird of prey show “Jäger der Lüfte” takes place on weekdays at 11.30 and 15.00, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 12 and 16 hours. The experienced game park falconers show the speed and dexterity of eagles, falcons and vultures in free flight. They reveal secrets about the world of birds of prey and show in a training the community between animal and human.

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